Bethlehem, PA

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 4.23.28 PMRentricity Inc., executed a letter of agreement with the Bethlehem Authority in Pennsylvania to explore, finance, and develop multiple small, in‐pipe hydropower sites within the Authority’s water system. The agreement follows similar agreements with the City of Albany, New York and North Summit Irrigation in Utah and underscores the predictability of revenue and investor value from low‐impact, in‐pipe hydropower.

The agreement provides Rentricity with an exclusive 5‐year timeline to analyze, finance and develop up to three sites in Bethlehem water pipelines that provide drinking water to the City’s population. The project, set to start in the Fall of 2016, will explore the Pennsylvania Avenue and Howertown pressure regulator vaults and a site at the Penn Forest Reservoir. Together, the three sites have the potential to generate over 200 kilowatts of clean energy annually.