keene dual turbinesRentricity Inc. is a renewable energy company based in New York City. We design and install a unique energy recovery system called Flow-to-Wire™. The system harnesses excess pressure within water operations and uses it to generate clean electric power. A single Flow-to-Wire™ system produces between 5 and 350 kW of clean, renewable, electricity that can then be sold back to the grid or be used on site at water treatment plants, processing facilities and pump stations. We provide our customers with a new source of revenue, a way to offset rising electricity rates, and reliable, clean electricity to meet sustainability demands.

Rentricity has also developed a suite of Sustainable Energy & Monitoring Systems (SEMS). SEMS™  which are a set of pre-packaged, pre-engineered, skid mounted energy recovery systems for smaller applications in the 5 to 30 kW range.   The SEMS™ product line is “plug and play”, and equipped with an integrated set of water quality sensors. SEMS™ will use a portion of its generated clean power to operate its integrated sensors, creating a self-powered water monitoring station.

Rentricity systems have no adverse environmental impact and are pioneering a new class of clean, renewable hydrokinetic energy. As units continue to be installed around the world, Rentricity will be the driving force behind hundreds of megawatts of clean electricity powered by water flow and pressure – leading the way towards a smart and sustainable water grid.

Rentricity Inc. was established in 2003. The Company is based in New York City and  welcome the opportunity to discuss our technology and business model with interested parties. Please direct all inquiries to info@rentricity.com or use our contact form for more detailed messages.