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Rentricity has been providing In-Conduit Hydropower Equipment and Engineering Services commercially since 2012. The Company continues to pride itself on cost-effective installations that save our clients millions of dollars per year in energy costs while improving the environmental sustainability of their water infrastructure for future generations. Below are some of the our statistical highlights and estimates:

Flow-to-Wire Impact

Installed Flow-To-Wire Systems, to date.

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26 Installed Flow-To-Wire Systems to date with many more in development from Alaska to New Hampshire.

Gallons of Water Processed through f2ws

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173 Million Gallons a Day (MGD) flow through Rentricity F2W systems. That is only .04% of all process water flowing through pipes in the United States. The time has come for more innovation in US water infrastructure to incorporate clean energy recovery technology.

In-conduit, Hydropower Clean Energy Capacity

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1.3MW of installed Flow-to-Wire Nameplate In-conduit Hydropower clean energy capacity – from as small as 5killowatts to as large as 360 kilowatts, Rentricity’s goal continues to be capturing a significant portion of the 1.4 Gigawatt In-Conduit Hydropower market as described by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory

kWhs of Recovered Clean Energy per Year

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kWhs of Recovered Clean Energy per Year and GROWING!

F2W Greenhouse Gas Abatement


F2W Efficiency and Clean Energy Capacity Factor

Pounds of CO2 abated with F2Ws

Pounds of Methane abated with F2Ws

Pounds of Nitrous Oxide (N2O) abated with F2Ws

F2W Pollution Abatement

Pounds of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) abated with F2Ws

Sole-sourced NSF-certified Equipment Installations

Pounds of Mercury (Hg) abated with F2Ws

Other F2W Statistics

Water Operator Site Assessments Performed

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Over 200 Assessments – Rentricity has conducted over 100 hydraulic and preliminary assessments since inception including wastewater, drinking water, mining, food and beverage processing, petro and chemical plants.

Sole-sourced NSF-certified Equipment Installations

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9 NSF-Certified Equipment installations since 2013 safe-guarding all wetted surfaces within the Flow-to-Wire turbines for our clients.

US State and Canadian Provinces that have adopted multiple F2Ws

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10 US States with multiple units in operation