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Regenerative In-Conduit Hydropower

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Industry Applications

Clean Energy Recovery Solutions for Water Operators since 2012

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City & Water Authorities

Mandated Releases, Treatment Plants, Distribution infrastructure including Storage Reservoirs, Regulation Vaults and Flow Control Turnouts

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Agricultural Irrigation

Large irrigation operations transitioning to solid pipe infrastructure and gravity-fed centerpivot operations.

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Industrial Operations

Flow and pressure control infrastructure for Food/Beverage, Mining, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Facilities

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Large facilities with solid pipe outfalls

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Data Center Cooling, Point-of Use Hydrogen, & Microgrid Integration

Turbines & Controls

Integrated with Unique and Certified, Utility-Grade Equipment for Seamless Operation

Sole Source NSF Equipment

Exclusive Provider of NSF 61/372 certified & listed, reverse pump turbines

Regenerative Hydro Turbines™

Over 22 models from 5 to 350kW

Sustainable Energy Management System

UL/IEEE-Compliant Valves & Panels

Flow-To-Wire™ Engineering Solutions

Designed for Protection & Transparency to Normal Operational Pressure Requirements

Specialty Engineering

Deep, Energy Recovery Domain Expertise


General & Subcontractor Options

Project Development

From Assessment to Start-up & Training

The Rentricity NSF-Edge

Rentricity is the global sole-source provider of NSF 61/372 Reverse Pump Turbines for In-Conduit Hydropower applications manufactured by the Cornell Pump Company. (Click to read Press Release)

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Water Quality Association Gold Seal
Cornell Pump Logo
Water Quality Association Gold Seal

Energized For Sustainability & Success

Offering commercialized equipment and integrated engineering solutions to Water Operators across North America since 2012 with:

In-conduit Hydropower Clean Energy Capacity

Installed Flow-To-Wire Systems

kWhs of Recovered Clean Energy per Year

Gallons of Water Processed through f2ws

Our Featured Projects

Flow Control Vault, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Flow: 2.4 MGD
Presure: ~40 PSI
kW: 32
Intertie: Tariff
WQA Cert: NSF /61/372
Startup: 2014
Vertical Turbine Installation

Water Treatment Plant, Keene, NH

Flow: 700-1200 gpm
Presure: ~75 PSI
kW: 62
Intertie: Net-Metered
Raw Water
Startup: 2012
Multi-Turbine/Net Zero Energy

Irrigation System, Richmond, UT

Flow: 2-12 MGD
Presure: 175-250 feet
kW: 360
Intertie: Net-Metered
Raw Water
Startup: 2016
8,000 Acre Multi-Site/3 Turbines

Above Ground Regulator Station, Anchorage, AK

Flow: 4-5 MGD
Presure: ~35 PSI
kW: 45
Intertie: Net-Metered
WQA Cert: NSF 61/372
Startup: 2021
Main Distribution System