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October 12, 2021

What is Water Sustainability: An Ultimate Guide to Efficient Use

Why it’s Important:

We have reached an inflection point in sustainable water infrastructure. The opportunity to improve all aspects of water management now exists with subsidy support to improve resiliency, efficiency and sustainability with new technologies. Regenerative hydropower for solid water pipe infrastructure will be part of this transition.

October 12, 2021

Water pipes hold flood of untapped electricity potential.

Why it’s Important:

Recognition of this market segment is growing in importance as we seek to upgrade water infrastructure to be “Energy Recovery Ready!”

April 2, 2020

Democrats Seek Water, Grid Funding in Next Virus Stimulus Bill

Why it’s Important:

Putting people back to work re-building water infrastructure in a smart & sustainable way can create a circular economic benefit!

March 31, 2020

Infrastructure bill gains new steam as coronavirus worsens

Why it’s Important:

Water systems can be reinvented to become energy recovery ready powering new applications to empower our citizens and economy.

March 25, 2020

To Save Local Governments, It’s Finally Time for Infrastructure Week Storm

Why it’s Important:

The impact of the coronavirus crisis can be eased with a focus on local infrastructure including water systems creating new jobs and basis for recover.  Leadership and vision is key!

February 11, 2019

EPA Accelerates Water Infrastructure Investment

Why it’s Important:

State Revolving Fund programs are emphasizing projects that include energy efficiency and recovery.

October 24, 2018

President Donald Trump Signs Water Infrastructure Law

Why it’s Important:

The bill authorizes federal funding for water infrastructure projects including upgrades in wastewater, drinking and irrigation systems, a perfect opportunity to upgrade in a smart and sustainable way including in-pipe hydro applications.

October 19, 2018

China has made a shocking food production discovery – electro culture

Why it’s Important:

If electricity becomes a larger part of growing food in the future, then in-pipe hydro can supply the voltage required at the electrified greenhouses.

October 12, 2018

Senate Clears Water Infrastructure Bill for Trump’s Signature

Why it’s Important:

The key to expanding  in-pipe hydro will be in water infrastructure programs that seek more energy efficiency upgrades while improving vaults and piping.

May 15, 2018

EPA Extends Deadline To Apply For A WIFIA Water Infrastructure Loan 

Why it’s Important:

Extended to July 31 and includes energy recovery application for pressure regulator and flow control vaults.

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