Irrigation System, Richmond, UT

Flow: 2-12 MGD
Pressure: 175-250 Feet
kW: 360
Intertie: Net-Metered
Raw Water
Start-up: 2016
8,000 Acre Multi-Site/3 Turbines

The Richmond Irrigation Company (RIC) is a privately owned consortium of ranchers and farmers located in Richmond, UT. RIC selected Rentricity to effect energy recovery as part of a capital improvement project to eliminate evaporation in their semi-arid area while also providing a flood control capability brought on by the growing trend of extreme weather. By partnering with Rentricity, the RIC has developed two  in-conduit hydropower sites: (1) a dual turbine system with a 240 kW capacity and (2) a single turbine system with a 120 kW capacity covering all operational flow.

Unlike many other projects, RIC does not operate a remote monitoring or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. At each site, Rentricity’s Sustainable Energy Management System (SEMSä) was installed.  SEMS includes a remote terminal unit (RTU) – a microprocessor controlled electronic communications device – which enable operators to monitor statuses, power production, and be alerted to alarms in real time through an easily installed and password protected application on their Smart Phones. Rentricity continues to receive data and as part of its ongoing support providing feedback to RIC on any trends that might suggest need for additional inspections and special maintenance.

The RIC system is expected to continue generating in excess of 1.1 million kWh per year based upon historical flows to the operating areas.  RIC’s Flow-to-Wire systems are designed for durability and a long life (40-50 years).  All of the energy generated at Richmond Irrigation is exported directly to Rocky Mountain Power grid and is sold to a third party in Utah at a premium over the offtake bid price from Rocky Mountain Power.