Control Panel

Above Ground Regulator Station, Anchorage, AK

Flow: 4-5 MGD
Presure: ~35 PSI
kW: 45
Intertie: Net-Metered
WQA Cert: NSF 61/372
Startup: 2021
Main Distribution System

Rentricity’s Flow-to-Wire (F2W) in-conduit hydropower energy recovery solution permits Anchorage Water & Wastewater (AWWU) to recover energy that would normally be dissipated during normal water delivery between different distribution zones.  The excess pressure is converted to electricity that in turn offsets essentially all of the consumptive electric load and a portion of the demand load of a close-by AWWU facility normally assessed by Chugach Electric. This large offset substantially reduces a major operating cost for the facility and lowers the AWWU’s and Chugach’s carbon footprint.

The F2W turbine generator was a certified NSF 61/372 unit to conform to the rigorous AWWU standards. The performance of the F2W energy recovery system has exceeded expectations for power output and reliability. The system has had 100% availability since beginning commercial operation in January 2022. For the baseline flow condition of 5 MGD, the F2W has consistently generated power at or exceeding 40 kW; slightly above projected performance.

 AWWU required design flexibility to independently manage flow and pressure depending on the variable duty cycles in its distribution system zones. Incorporating that required flexibility in the SEMS control scheme and programming in the integrated PLC allows for maximum flexibility for AWWU in operating the system. This flexibility allows for adjustments in a variety of pressure, flow and level setpoints and permissives; all from the Operator’s SCADA. Also, AWWU has the flexibility to move from flow to pressure regulating regimes. 

Installation and initial testing were completed in late 2020 and the unit was declared commercial in early 2021 after final testing and start-up.