Helping Reach Sustainability Goals

Harnessing clean, renewable energy from pressurized water pipes: that is Rentricity’s goal.

The concept behind Rentricity’s technology was born after the events of September 11, 2001. Co-Founders Frank Zammataro, Al Spinell, and Jason Scharfspitz were inspired to create a business to gather energy from flowing water in New York City pipes.  Rentricity was incorporated in 2003 and has since been leading the way in combining the best technologies for in-pipe hydro energy recovery, monitoring, and improving the resiliency of water infrastructure systems across North America.

With over 400 billion gallons of water flowing through pipes every day in the United States, the timing is right for considering new ways to deliver water in a smart and sustainable way. Rentricity focuses on drinking, agricultural, and industrial water applications, which accounts for over 200 billion gallons daily and over 25% of domestic energy consumption. Whether being processed for household consumption, yogurt production, or poultry processing, water is in constant demand. The transportation, treatment, and use of this water requires huge amounts of energy, a large portion of which is being wasted through inefficient pipes and valves. One thing is clear: providing pressurized and clean water requires substantial amounts of energy. This condition creates a unique potential for new and novel approaches to take advantage of energy in flowing water while reducing the carbon footprint of municipal, agricultural, and industrial water operations.

Rentricity’s in-pipe hydroelectric energy recovery systems are meeting this opportunity and leading the way towards making water operations as energy efficient and sustainable as possible. Water pipelines are aging and need replacing. Rentricity meets this need but also offers energy recovery technology that can reduce the costs of water operations as well as power remote monitoring, treatment, and back-up power devices.

Rentricity systems support key sustainability and community objectives by:

    • Creating a new revenue source to offset rising electricity rates;
    • Improving the operational use of water by powering up remote treatment and monitoring technology;
    • Powering back-up systems for improved resiliency against power failures;
    • Offsetting toxic air emissions in the communities in which they operate;
    • Integrating new technologies while satisfying the need for environmental stewardship;
    • Upgrading the “green” skills of operational staff and supporting service suppliers;
    • Achieving Sustainability Goals for investors and communities.

Rentricity will continue to bring intelligent energy recovery services to water operators and pioneer the creation of a sustainable “water grid” for the future. Please join me and spread the word, renewable electricity is here for water systems.

Frank Zammataro
CEO & Co-Founder
August 2013