Control Panel

Water Treatment Plant, Manitou Springs, CO

Flow: 500-1400 gpm
Pressure: 150-250 PSI
kW: 75
Intertie: Net-Metered
Raw Water
Start-up: 2022
Features: Ultra High Pressure

The City of Manitou Springs initiated a major project in 2016 to replace its multi-mile, raw-water pipeline which supplies its main Water Treatment Facility. The City sought to add energy recovery in 2017 by deploying an in-conduit hydropower energy recovery system at the front end of the Water Treatment Facility. 

Rentricity’s Flow-to-Wire (F2W) in-conduit hydropower energy recovery solution permits the City to recover energy that would normally be dissipated during normal high pressure fresh water delivery to its WTP.  The excess pressure is converted to electricity that in turn offsets essentially all of the consumptive electric load of the WTP as well as offsets much of the “peak demand” charges imposed by the electric utility – Colorado Springs Utilities. This offset substantially reduces a major operating cost for the WTP and lowers the City’s and Colorado Springs carbon footprint. 

Rentricity’s Sustainabile Energy Management System (SEMS) programming added flexibility into daily and seasonal operation to optimize clean power generation over a range from 15-70 kW. This flexibility allows for adjustments in a variety of pressure, flow and level setpoints and permissives; all from the Operator’s SCADA. This helps assure maximum generation during periods of maximum benefit; i.e. Peak Demand periods

The Manitou Springs WTP Hydropower system is expected to continue generating in excess of 300,000 kWh per year based upon historical hydraulics and operating demand.  The City’s Flow-to-Wire system is designed for durability and a long life (40-50 years) with major maintenance limited to servicing the generator stator every 15-20 years.

Additional efforts included the interface with Colorado Springs Utilities to allow a seamless integration of a behind the meter application that met all of the Utility’s interconnection standards.