Flow Control Vault, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Flow: 2.4 MGD Pressure: ~40 PSI
kW: 32
Intertie: Tariff
NSF 61/372: Yes
Start-up: 2014
Features: Vertical Turbine

The Halifax Regional Water Commission deployed Rentricity’s award winning technology that uses NSF-61/372 certified equipment within a flow control vault application.  The site is integrated with Halifax Water’s SCADA control room system to provide clean energy to nearby residents through the Province’s Community Feed-In Tariff (COMFIT) Program. Major long run benefits for Halifax Water and their customers include a reduction of electricity costs and the creation of sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

Rentricity provided all electrical and mechanical design services for the site, supplied the Flow-to-Wire system including turbine generator, control valves, and SEMS control package. In addition, Rentricity provided complete startup services and training to Halifax’s operating staff. An array of system data streams from the SEMS control system to Halifiax’s SCADA system to allow for remote operation, startup and shutdown for both normal and emergency conditions. A variety of parameters are also trended as well as displayed real time on system mimics.