Drinking Water Operators

watermeter-largeRentricity specializes in the innovative application of hydrokinetic power generation. Water continuously flows through mains and offers the capability to generate electricity year-round, 24 hours a day. Over-pressurization occurs where water is stored at significantly higher elevation than the customers it serves, and must therefore flow downhill to reach them. Utilities typically install pressure reduction valves (“PRVs”) – devices that maintain pre-set pressure ranges – to relieve the excess pressure. However, PRVs do not perform useful work with the dissipated energy; instead, it is released as waste heat.

Rentricity’s energy recovery systems capture the excess pressure that would otherwise be ‘lost’ and convert it into clean electric power. Wastewater, industrial outfall, and recycling facilities that return water to natural bodies of water or reservoirs are also potential sites for Rentricity’s systems. Rentricity also offers custom information services, which provide real-time system performance data, monitoring flow, pressure, intrusion and contamination while maximizing operational efficiencies. Lastly, the installations help mitigate water utilities’ increasingly burdensome electricity costs, helping them become increasingly energy self-sufficient and sustainable.

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