Exclusive Certified Low Pressure Configuration

Rentricity continues to advance the In-Pipe Hydro Industry byXylem_tag_rgb developing key partnerships to provide solutions for under-served B&G Series e-1510 End Suction Base Mounted Pump with i-Alertareas of the growing market. The recently launched plug-and-play Sustainable Energy and Monitoring Systems (SEMS™), for applications in the 5kW to 30kW range, is based upon an exclusive partnership with Xylem.

These systems include a Bell & Gossett e-1510 reverse-B&G Series e-1510 End Suction Base Mounted Pump reduced sizepump micro-Bell_Gossett_Xylem_rgbturbine, generator, sensors, processors, electronic controls, a control valve and communications equipment that operate seamlessly and autonomously within solid pipe infrastructure.  TheB&G Series e-1510 End Suction Base Mounted Pump with i-Alert electricity produced can either be sold to the electric grid or used behind the meter. In addition, the systems can be easily integrated with existing SCADA systems to provide transparent system controls and real time power, flow, and pressure information to operations personnel.

Water pipelines with pressure reductions as low as 20 PSI range and as Xylem Pump Photolittle as 200 gallons a minute can recover energy using Rentricity exclusive integrated solution using Xylem’s Bell & Gossett pumps which have been qualified to work in reverse with efficiencies in the 60 to 70% range. This certified equipment is safe for drinking water and food and beverage industries. Paybacks can be improved by purchasing an “equipment-plus” package for these smaller applications with operators performing the installation.

While this new offering is targeted to smaller industrial inlet flows, it will have application to smaller drinking water systems with pipelines as small as 4 inches in diameter.  Our first installation (shown in photo), at the North Wales Water Authority, will produce approximately 12 kilowatts of clean energy.