WQA-Certified Equipment

Water flowingNiagara Falls, the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River; America has some of the best natural water resources in the world. Rentricity is committed to protecting those resources, and your health, while continuing to generate clean, renewable electricity. Rentricity, in partnership with Cornell Pump Company, is proud to announce only qualified pumps as turbines with a Water Quality Association (WQA) – certification to the standards NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 & NSF/ANSI 372 for safe drinking and low lead. Drinking Water Quality Certification Sealwater is a vital part of the nation’s water infrastructure, with over 50 billion gallons moved through pipes in the United States each day to serve the needs of individual citizens as well as industries like  food processing and pharmaceuticals. Due in part to regulation on what comes into contact with drinking water, viable, economical energy recovery solutions have not previously been available for water operators. Now, Rentricity, the industry leader of In-Pipe Hydropower energy recovery, has certified a select line of Cornell pumps, covering the 15 kW to 350+ kW range, to address this previously unserved need.


Rentricity and the Cornell Pump Company have been dedicated to creating viable energy recovery solutions, now we are committed to protecting the cleanliness and safety of your drinking water at the same time. When these certified PATs are combined with Rentricity’s combination of valve(s) and integrated electrical/control package, almost any site in your

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pressurized water pipeline network can be a source of incremental clean power and revenue. From sites with energy recovery potential from 15 kW to 350+ kW, Rentricity has a solution for you. If you are a municipal water utility operator, food processor, pharmaceutical manufacturer or anyone that wants rigorous water safety standards in your pipeline, reach out to us for a free assessment of your site.

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