Barre, VT

Installation in progress - man standing in water main vault

12-kW Flow-to-Wire system installed in Distribution System

This project upgraded a replacement Pressure Reducing Vault with Rentricity’s in-pipe hydropower system. Grants from the Vermont Clean Energy Sign by roadside in Barre, VT about installationDevelopment Fund and the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Green Reserve Fund in support of the 12kW size project.

The project is Rentricity’s first in the state of Vermont.

The installation is also Rentricity’s first following the new regulations associated with the Hydropower Efficiency act of 2013, a law passed last year to streamline regulatory processes for small hydro projects that have zero impact to the environment. The project represents an advanced regulatory structure in New England for in-pipe hydro; a standard that needs to be copied in every state with a Renewable Portfolio Standard. Net-metered in-pipe hydro systems like Barre’s represent highly efficient and predicable distributed generation for local grids seeking to be innovative.

City of Barre Case Study