MicroGrid and Energy Storage Solutions

Microgrids are rapidly developing in city, university, data centers and corporate campus settings. Adding Rentricity to the mix of solar and wind renewable assets will improve the overall output due to the strong in-pipe hydropower capacity factors of 80% or better.

Resilient Back-up PowerThe onset of unpredictable weather patterns suggests the need for creative solutions to provide multi-day electric back-up power for water operations.  This can be achieved by integrating a Rentricity Flow-to-Wire™ with energy storage technology.  Battery and fuel cell banks can be energized by the flow of water entering a plant and can then be used as back-up to power operations, water treatment, and other critical functions.

Rentricity and its partners can bring a cost-effective solution to support your need for uninterruptible power supplies, now powered by your own inflow of water. Reach out to us via our online contact form here.